Insurance Division

At National Synergy Group we have the support of the best companies in the Insurance Sector

Why take out insurance?

Personalized attention and trust

The care is personalized and adapted to the medical needs of each individual.

Efficiency and speed

It is possible to go to the specialist directly, without first having to go through the family doctor

more comfortable hospitalization

Greater peace of mind and all the necessary services available to the patient

Protect the family after death

Reduces the economic impact that occurs among people close to the insured, after his death

Protection for you and your family

Life insurance not only protects the family nucleus, but also protects the policyholder.

It adapts to your needs

Thanks to the different types of policies that exist in the market, the insured can choose the form of payment that best suits them.

What insurance do we offer at National Synergy Group?

Health insurance and ACA

As one of the main FMOs, we count all companies in the Sector and we are specialists in ACA, also known as Obamacare.

Medicare specialists

We have all the Market Companies and we have an MGA Contract, in order to offer the best conditions to our Agents and Clients.

seguros de propiedad y accidentes

Auto and property insurance

We have all the Contracts in the market, and we will always have the best option for our Business Partners.

Dental and Vision Insurance

We have the support of the largest Network of suppliers in the Sector, and we have a presence at the National Level.

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Benefits of taking out insurance

Now that you are aware of the importance of insurance for you and your family

What are you waiting for to request your insurance?

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